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Re: CAP & busytime?

Bruce_Kahn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

For busytime, iTIP uses the VFREEBUSY component with METHOD:REQUEST or METHOD:REPLY for requesting and responding, respectively. In CAP, I guess that would crudely map to a CREATE command with particular TARGETs but there is NOTHING to lead me to belive that the CS must do any actual processing beyond the actual request creation.

In fact we squashed the CS from doing any work for the CUA. You need to have your CUA or a CUA-BOT do it for you.

Actually it is not. The only ANBF in SEARCH is:

Read more text...:

     comp-name  = "VEVENT"  / "VTODO"     / "VJOURNAL" / "VFREEBUSY"
                / "VALARM"  / "DAYLIGHT"  / "STANDARD" / "VAGENDA"
                / "VCAR"    / "VCALSTORE" / "VQUERY"   / "VTIMEZONE"
                / x-comp    / iana-comp

And comp-name is used in:

  cal-query  = "SELECT"   SP   cap-val  SP
               "FROM"     SP   comp-name SP
               "WHERE"    SP   cap-expr


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