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Re: CAP-12 - interm version 'A'

Bruce_Kahn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Doug wrote on 09/04/2003 12:41:07 PM: > Thanks for finally agreeing that you could indeed help and that > your repeated claims that you did not have time or ability to do > your own diff were just silly.

In WGs its typically the job of the editor to post a summary of the changes between versions of a draft; not the job of each individual reader in the group to go and try and figure it out.

No mater how many times you ask for it, no such beast exists as I used a markup pen and wrote on paper until the final edit.

I am reluctant to ship the DIFFS as they are being taken out of context.
Now that you have generated one, did it take that long?

And it is the job of those that wish to post constructive criticism
to read the draft, understand the text in context, and then post.


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