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Recurrence ID recommendation - almost there

I promised the list that I would post my findings and recommendation on the Recurrence ID issue.  I wanted to let the list know that I have not forgotten this promise.  I have indeed been working on just exactly that.  However, I have added to my chores production of a list of CAP issues.  Since I have been wading through 18 months of emails I discovered I may have the ability to put down a short, succinct list of issues.  Also, I'm hoping to be able to "glean" consensus on some of them and violent non-consensus on many others.  If I am doing this legwork, it will be of value to the list as well.

In addition, I am making sure, with the original authors, that what I am proposing is valid and will work.  There is no sense mucking up a list that is already overburdened with far too many nonproductive notes.  Even this one qualifies as nonproductive because it does not have my answer.  But that is coming.  And not in a month - but, I'm hoping, by the end of this week.  I hesitate to put a date if I can't make it - but I am going to try.  The diff issue that was raised by Bruce sort of put me back a bit - but it was worthwhile and necessary to work on that issue too.  And, sigh, being a small business owner, I had to go work on paying my mortgage.  I hate it when that happens.  Not apologizing - just giving you all a reality check on my part.