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Re: CAP 13: Bad CAL-QUERY example / description?

Given the discussion on these points, I believe it would be appropriate to have the chairs make the determination that the issues raised have been resolved. Until the chairs declare the issue closed, I believe it should remain open, so that others may comment. I encourage others to comment on the issues raised and the proposed resolution.

Please also note that one is not required to implement a specificaiton to
be an effective reviewer; in my own experience, folks who are not
steeped in the code often find both doc bugs and assumption issues
that those who are steeped in the code miss.

				Ted Hardie
				co-Area Director, Applications

At 2:04 PM -0600 6/11/04, Doug Royer wrote:
Bruce_Kahn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Doug responded on 06/11/2004 01:40:31 PM:
> 1: Component integrity is not always preserved.

So you say. EXACTLY HOW?

Go reread my previous posts in this thread for citations and examples. I wont repeat them here ad infinitum.

I consider this thread closed. I see no new points raised and I have not been convinced that it is any
more than a disire to get something changed that you do not like. You have said that you and your
company are not implemeting CAP, has that changed? Everyone that I personally know that
is impleminting CAP have proposed no changes in this area. We seem to be able to parse
it and implment it. There is at least one company that is (or soon will be) shipping a CAP
product based on the drafts, yet they can make it work. I do not see this as a technical
problem with the spec. The missing ABNF will be fixed, other than that it seems to work.


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