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RE: Welcome to the Disconnected SMTP mailing list

I'm no expert on the nuances of Sendmail 8 configuration but I can't find anywhere how a host can be made not to make use of the ETRN functionality. In fact I can't see how ETRN can be disabled without disabling the -qR argument. Note the following from the 8.8.5 release notes:

Implement ESMTP ETRN command to flush the queue for a specific host.
The command takes a host name; data for that host is
immediately (and asynchronously) flushed. Because this shares
the -qR implementation, other hosts may be attempted, but
there should be no security implications. Implementation
from John Beck of InReference, Inc. See RFC 1985 for details.

The release notes also indicate that half a dozen or so ETRN-related bugs have been reported by outside sources and fixed since ETRN support was added. I understand that this is not a large number compared to the total number of bugs fixed but I think it does indicate that a non-trivial number of sites have recognized the new feature and have exercised it sufficiently to uncover these relatively subtle defects.

Doug Strauss (Exchange) wrote:

>No offense Mike, but I believe this number was skewed based on most of
>the hosts running the newer versions of Sendmail and not actually making
>use of the ETRN functionality.