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RE: What about an authenticated TURN command?

According to a recent survey of Internet mail hosts some 80% are running some
version of sendmail.  I confess that my knowledge of the inner workings of
sendmail is not complete.  As I understand it sendmail does an MX lookup to decide how
to store a message in the outbound queue.  If it can find no one else to route
it to in the DNS (no MX records other than itself) it errors out and won't queue
the message.  I suppose there are some .cf mods that can be made to impose
explicit routing rules for specific domains but this would quickly become
unmanageable for ISPs with large numbers of subscribers.  Without a static IP how can we
set up an MX record for the disconnected mail host?  I guess the question here is
how can we force the upstream mail server to queue mail for us to get when we

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On 6/24/97, Jeff Stephenson (Exchange) wrote:
>To start with the basic question of whether it's okay for a mail server
>to have a dynamic address, I don't think it matters what we think - the
>reality is that ISPs providing mail service to small businesses are
>already operating in that way.