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I note that in normal use, SMTP may allow up to 5 days for relaying of a
message to be accomplished, with retries at appropriate intervals
throughout this period.

Is it your intention to impose any similar restriction on how long a
message may be held for collection by the ATRN mechanism before it may be
assumed that that the message is undeliverable?

If YES, then I think some mention should be in the draft.

If NO, then there is a question of how long a sender can be expected to
wait (e.g. for DSN or a delivery failure notice).

Or is it your intention that delivery to an ATRN system will be regarded as
a completed delivery in the same way as delivery to a mailbox server?  In
which case, I think that some discussion on the appropriate (and
inappropriate) deployments for this scheme would be helpful.


Graham Klyne