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Re: draft-gellens-on-demand-03.txt

At 3:33 PM +0000 3/19/98, Graham Klyne wrote:

>I note that in normal use, SMTP may allow up to 5 days for relaying of a
>message to be accomplished, with retries at appropriate intervals
>throughout this period.

There is nothing in the standards that I am aware of which mandates a
five day period.  RFC 1123 does say:
           Retries continue until the message is transmitted or the
            sender gives up; the give-up time generally needs to be at
            least 4-5 days.  The parameters to the retry algorithm MUST
            be configurable.

However, an SMTP server is still standards-complient if it gives up
after ten minutes, or keeps trying for a month.

>Is it your intention to impose any similar restriction on how long a
>message may be held for collection by the ATRN mechanism before it may be
>assumed that that the message is undeliverable?

I don't see that this needs to be specified in the standard.  I expect
implementations will generally make this configurable, and sites will
set it to meet their needs.  It's even less an issue for ODMR than SMTP
in general, because typically there is a preexisting relationship
between both sides in ODMR, while anyone can send an SMTP message to
anyone (in general).

>Or is it your intention that delivery to an ATRN system will be regarded as
>a completed delivery in the same way as delivery to a mailbox server?  In
>which case, I think that some discussion on the appropriate (and
>inappropriate) deployments for this scheme would be helpful.

I think it is important that final delivery not occur when the message
is received by the provider-side.  That's kind of the point; the
message is still in-transit, and will be relayed using ODMR (and SMTP)
to the client side, which then delivers it.