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Re: Comments on draft-gellens-on-demand-03.txt

At 10:45 AM -0800 3/20/98, Jeff Stephenson wrote:

>Three points:
>1)  I still think that ODMR should be done on the SMTP port....

There are timing issues as well as architectural issues that make that
undesirable.  Version -00 of the draft had a section which listed
alternate approaches and discussed advantages and disadvantages of
each.  I took it out because there seems to be general agreement that
this method works and I think we can go forward.

>2) I don't think there should be domain arguments on the ATRN command....

The domain argument is now optional.  I was originally thinking it made
sense to insist on it, because the customer side must know its domains,
or else you can get mail loops, but I was convinced to make it optional.

>3) I don't see the lack of queued mail as an "error" condition worthy of a
>450 response....

I don't see it as terribly important either way.  An error response
makes it perhaps a bit easier to know there won't be a new connection
coming back, so you can drop the line.