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Re: RFC 2645: ODMR

Brad Knowles wrote:
> Is this list still alive? 
It does not seem to be alive anymore ;-)
> Can you point me at the archives (if
> there are any)?  As it goes with many things on the 'net, I just
> found out about this RFC, and I'm wondering what discussion has
> already taken place with regards to the handling of multiple mail
> servers for which mail may be queued for a particular customer.
>         Life would be very simple if we only ever had one mail server
> that acted as a backup MX or the only visible MX for our customers,
> but the real world just isn't quite that clean.  Of course, customers
> don't want to know how many mail servers we may have, and in fact we
> may not want them to know how many mail servers we have.  This makes
> implementing ODMR rather more difficult, since you've now got to add
> a layer of indirection, or some other method to handle the same
> problem.
I think that the problem may be solved by a ATRN "proxy" which
may ask "real" servers one by one. It would allow the customers 
access a bunch of of servers via a few proxies.
IMHO it is relatively easy to implement.

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