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Re: Segmentation

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Subject: Segmentation

Another file size issue:

ISSUE - SEGEMENTATION - Is there a requirement for segmentation, where the
sender's system breaks up a large EDI interchange into a series of small
messages and the recipient's system recombines the small messages?
Apparently, some Internet e-mail systems have a maximum message size limit
of 50KB. PGP provides segmentation. So does Premenos's Templar product.

Bob Lyons
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Yes I think this is an important issue, which brings up the transport issue.
All of the discussion on transport of EDI over the Internet has centered on
the e-mail system. For very large EDI files, think of a 30 Meg 811, sending
this file through the e-mail system can become quite cumbersome. Other ways
of sending large files on the Internet - such as FTP and via SSL should also
be considered.