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RE: AS#2 Transport Protocol/Security

Although, David may know of some companies doing that, I could not 
image my company (Lockheed Martin) doing this any time in the near 
future.  As a Defense/Aerospace company, we have too many compliance 
contraints placed on us to use a broker in that way.  We need to be 
very careful who we buy from, who manufactured it, how many people and 
who we sent RFQs to and why, who we awarded to and why, etc.  All of 
this (and more) need to be carefully documented and auditable.  I do 
not like the idea of letting a broker handle that for me.  There are 
too many things to take into consideration, and we have too much at 
stake.  Additionally, I don't think a broker adds much value to my 
process.  Our sourcing groups are centralized, and in essence are 
already brokers to the overall company. 

The real application of EDI via the internet for me is the ability to 
do a better, cheaper, faster job of getting material into my plant.  
EDI helps me do this, but not all of my suppliers can justify 
traditional EDI.  They are too small, or just don't do enough business 
with us or other EDI customers to get a payback.  The internet can 
change all that, it can help me achieve our 5 year goal of getting 
100% of our supplier base trading with us electronically.  
We are also interested in how our suppliers are using the data that we 
send back and forth.  Ideally, we would like their internal systems 
(Order Entry, MRP, etc. ) to interface with their EDI system.  
Currently, we know many of our EDI suppliers end up printing the EDI 
document out, and re-typing it into some legacy system.  I would like 
to see EDI via the internet provide some way to make interfacing with 
internal systems easier.

I don't disagree with GET functionality, I just want to be clear on 
what we think the application might be before we define it as a must.  
What if any, are the risks and problems with adding this functionality 
to our requirements?

Thanks for the opportunity to listen, learn, and hopefully add a 

Chuck Egerter
EC - Advanced Sourcing, Electronics Sector