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Re: 1M Email Size Limit: Problem?


> I don't know what the limiting factor is, but there is an understanding in
> the user community that I am in contact with that email objects larger than
> 1 M Byte may not be transported effectively. For fax, this means we are
> limited to say 30-50 pages. Is this right??

The problem is not "transported effectively" but rather whether the message
will be transported at all.

Many (most?) SMTP mail servers allow one to set a maximum message size
limit that they will handle.  For sendmail (what most UNIX-based email
servers use), look in the sendmail.cf file for the M= equate for each
delivery agent to see what the limit is on your server.  No M= means
no limit.

I have seen email servers set with limits as low as M=64000.  M=1000000
is more common, and we run M=5000000 because of the large (not just fax)
email messages we ship around.

This should not be an issue for IFAX devices that are talking SMTP directly
to other IFAX devices. But if the IFAX device goes through an intermediate
delivery agent (i.e. through POP3 or IMAPx), or if one uses an email program
to send a message to an IFAX device, then one might hit the limit on
an email server's delivery agent along the path.

It may be necessary for IFAX devices that are forwarding messages through
intermediate delivery agents to have a message size limit so that they
break up large messages into multiple smaller messages (each with a
certain number of pages).


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