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[Here's the *complete* response -- sorry about the last one that got
away early.]

> - Am I allowed to get the entire message instead of just a part?

No, you can only grab things that can be indentified by MIME section
numbers. This is an artifact of the syntax, and not necessarily a
deliberate retriction. Channel was intended to provide alternative
processing of specific body sections. The idea of sending the entire
message somewhere never even came up during the initial design

> - The document says (in a comment)
>          You cannot ask for .HEADERS or .MIME data with CHANNEL.

It didn't seem to be a useful thing to do. At least, not useful
enough to justify adding complexity to the parsers to handle it.
(Which admittedly isn't a lot of complexity. However I don't like
adding features to protocols unless there is a compelling need
for them. If there's a consensus that fetching .HEADERS and .MIME
is a useful addition, in they go.)

The scope of this extension seems to be taking on a life of it's
own -- certainly one that's much broader than what Steve and Barry
and I originally envisioned. It would be useful to hear what other
ways people see themselves using CHANNEL. It may be that we have
to revisit some of the original design assumptions we made.