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Re: Expiring/deleting old mail

> On Tue, 16 Mar 2004 ned.freed@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> > I'm sorry, but these are simply folder-level attributes crammed in at the
> > message level because that's the mechanism sieve provides. But calling them
> > message atributes doesn't change their nature.

> I agree on the last one -- but message annotations can also be "this
> message expires on date xyz" which is not necessaraly related to when the
> next message in the mailbox expires.

Of course they can, but this is just the per-message way of doing it,
rather than the per-folder way.

> Though I also agree that the sanest way to do this is just with a
> folder-wide attribute in IMAP, and leave sieve out of it.

In other words, there are two fairly different models for how to handle
expirations in a message store, and we need to pick the one that makes the most
sense. Doesn't this sound like something store implementors might want to have
a wee bit of say in?