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DEPLOY: Microsoft Royalty Free Sender ID Patent License

Over the last few weeks we have had discussions with a number of parties
about our published Royalty Free Caller ID Patent License.  As a result
of those discussions and the merging of elements of SPF and Caller ID to
form Sender ID, we have made a number of updates to the patent license.
We are in the process of publishing this updated license on our web site
at http://www.microsoft.com/mscorp/ip/standards.  We expect the page to
be live on or before September 15.  

For the convenience of the working group, attached is the complete text
of the license.  

Let me add the usual disclaimer:  I am not a lawyer and I can neither
provide legal advice nor answer questions about the terms of the
license.  If you have questions about the license, I encourage you to do
one or more of the following:

- Read the Microsoft Royalty Free Sender ID Patent License FAQ which I
am sending to the list in a separate post
- Consult with your own attorney
- Send questions to stdsreq@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Someone from our legal
department will answer your questions.  

Thank you.

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