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I have about 20 domains, most with multiple, active e-mail facilities, and
with many more on many sub-domains.

I will not be using Sender-ID because :-

1.    There is no means by which Sender-ID identifies the originating
server, IP or domain for e-mails in a multi-hop transmission, thereby
allowing me to be confident that the mail is from who it claims to be from,
and allowing me to check it against white/black lists, reputations, etc.

2.    There is insufficient proof that the technology will be free of legal
encumberances for me to implement, modify and pass on to other implementors.
In fact there are three legal opinions that I have seen on this list stating
the opposite.

I am an active member a co-operative group owning 5 server boxes at
different locations, we have something in the region of 1,000 domains
between us.

I will be recommending that Sender-ID is NOT implemented by the members of
the co-operative.  I will be recommending alternative solutions to add to
our existing anti-spam efforts.

Kind regards,

John Pinkerton.
ICQ 313355492