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consensus call on pra/mailfrom deployment and versioning/scope

It is the opinion of the co-chairs at this time (before the end of last call) that the MARID working group has no consensus regarding the deployment of Sender ID. This lack of consensus centers around the IPR associated with the PRA algorithm. Since predicting deployment is a subjective matter and not strictly a technical concern, we would like to offer the working group a proposal for modifying Sender ID that would take the issue of deployment out of the hands of the IETF and place it in the hands of the ultimate decision-makers, the systems and network administrators of the Internet. We feel that this is where decisions of deployment should really be made.

It is also the opinion of the co-chairs that many in the working group are willing to deploy MAIL FROM checking as specified in draft-mengwong-spf. Therefore, we ask for consideration of the following proposal:

The ABNF in -protocol 3.4.1 is (mostly from a post by Wayne)

   version     = "spf2." ver-minor "/" ver-scope *( "," ver-scope )
   ver-minor   = 1*DIGIT
   ver-scope   = "pra" / "mailfrom" / name
   name        = alpha *( alpha / digit / "-" / "_" / "." )

And the following stipulations:

1) "mailfrom" checking will be defined in a new draft
2) multiple records are allowed
3) a scope (e.g. "pra") can only appear in one record of one type for validity purposes

The question before the working group: assuming no technical errors with the above, is there anybody who vehemently objects with this proposal?