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Re: regarding the trademark for "Sender ID"

In <E7C6F5DD-0BF1-11D9-BE1D-000A95B3BA44@xxxxxx> Andrew Newton <andy@xxxxxx> writes:

> It is our opinion that all MARID documents should no longer reference
> the output of the MARID working group as "Sender ID" or any other
> similar mark.  We believe the risk to the ISOC and the IETF standards
> publishing process to be too great.


I thought this trademark issue was resolved at IETF-60.  According to
Harry, the Microsoft lawyers investigated it and, unlike terms like
"windows", "word", and "access", they determined that "SenderID" was
generic and could not be trademarked.

See ca 17:25 in:

More detailed explanations can be heard if you download the audio, but
I deleted my copy so I can't check.