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Re: regarding the trademark for "Sender ID"

Andrew Newton wrote in mxcomp:

> to our knowledge, the IETF has not been given permission to
> use either "SenderID" or "Sender ID" marks

> It is our opinion that all MARID documents should no longer
> reference the output of the MARID working group as "Sender
> ID" or any other similar mark.  We believe the risk to the
> ISOC and the IETF standards publishing process to be too
> great.

Good idea, let's use SPF, it's widely accepted, and it has a
certain fun factor.
> If there is a need to refer to a simple name covering this
> work in IETF documents, we recommend "MARID".

You wrote this Tue, 21 Sep 2004 13:15:58 -0400.  Apparently
the area directors failed to inform the co-chairs about their
plans to close MARID.  They also failed to discuss this idea
with the WG as outlined in BCP 25 chapter 4.  What else went
wrong ?
                        Bye, Frank