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Re: So here it is one year later...

On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 09:33 -0600, Gordon Fecyk wrote:
> What gives?  Has the whole world lost complete interest in stopping spam?  Is
> spyware really the next big threat to the Internet that the US Congress is
> looking at legislation for it but not bothering with spam anymore?

There is a signature based effort ongoing with Yahoo and Cisco.


One hopes details of merging strategies is being discussed, as it does
not appear to be happening much on the mailing list.  The technology
looks very promising from the perspective of protecting people.
(Assuming there is a means to revoke authorization granted by way of the


Work is still happening and a new draft is about to be released.  This
approach is compatible with mass efforts, but offers a means to protect
networks with similar name based instrument.

The pressure is still very much present.  The entire effort is about
improving security by way of authentication.  The lack of security
remains the principle enabler.  Security places focus upon the
client/server administrator, which is the entity authenticated by way of
efforts in MASS and CLEAR.