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Re: V3 secret keys

On 16 Feb 2006, at 10:48 AM, David Shaw wrote:

If the language in 1991 is suitable, perhaps we could just point to
1991.  Is it legal to refer in this way to a document that we're
obsoleting in 2440bis?

I don't think so. 1991 was never standards track. I don't want to re- open the old dead horse of whether you can obsolete something that was never standards track. It's too much like Alice's comment on more tea.

Furthermore, it would committing a sin that drives me up the wall, of requiring someone to go back N documents. If the language in 1991 is close, then why not edit it into something suitable? I think that's much better than leaving pointers all over the place for people who read it a decade from now to have to deal with.