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Re: Extended RETR - version 2

Re: Extended RETR - version 2Anders writes:
>> A quick grep over the logfiles of a large ISP (>1 Mio POP accesses a day)
>> tells me that less then 0.1% of the connections die while sending
>> to the client. There are another about 0.2% where the client didn't
>> close the connection with QUIT, but they happen while waiting for the
>> command.
>Where in the world is the above statistics from?
>A few years/months from now this number is probably going to increase,
>given the nature of the Internet, i.e. everything escalates beyond
>everyone's imagination. :)

Not necessarily.  I think a strong case can be made that while the volume
may increase, the quality is also increasing as well.  As I mentioned
earlier, I have no objections to this extension from a technical point of
view, just pointing out that before we extend POP, lets make sure that we
are solving a real problem.  A large part of POP's success is due to its