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Re: Listing request names

At 08:43 PM 11/23/97 -0500, Michael Mealling wrote:
>Only one OID is required. LDAP, X.500 and friends use OIDs to identify
>their schema but other directory services do not. This service is meant
>for all directory services via any protocol so there will most definitly
>be the case where someone is registering a schema where there are no 
>OIDs at all.  

Boy, I'm confused then. The current drafts sure make it look like the
registry is going to assign an OID for everything, not just LDAP schemas.
That is, I assumed the "serial number" was in fact an OID.

>No one should be using the service's OID as the primary
>name for schema.

Then why create our own OIDs at all? It's always bad to have two names for
one item if the two names are controlled by different people. If people
agree that the originator shouldn't be using our OIDs, I'd say we should
just register what people send us and not create an "internal" OID, or even
an internal serial number. What is the need for the serial number, which is
just a shadow name for the name they gave?

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium