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Re: Parsing the Injection-Info: header field

On Sat, Jan 09, 2010 at 11:22:45AM +0100, Julien …LIE wrote:
> Yet, RFC 5322 mentions in its introduction:
>   This document specifies a syntax only for text messages.  In
>   particular, it makes no provision for the transmission of images,
>   audio, or other sorts of structured data in electronic mail messages.
>   There are several extensions published, such as the MIME document
>   series ([RFC2045], [RFC2046], [RFC2049]), which describe mechanisms
>   for the transmission of such data through electronic mail, either by
>   extending the syntax provided here or by structuring such messages to
>   conform to this syntax.  Those mechanisms are outside of the scope of
>   this specification.
> I understand that RFC 2045 now extends the syntax of RFC 5322 (instead
> of RFC 822).

That interpretation would mean that suddenly CFWS beciame forbidden in MIME
constructs when RFC 2822 was published.  I don't think that was the intent,
especially when "those mechanisms are outside of the scope".

That paragraph is a bit unfortunately worded, though.

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho, Jyvšskylš, Finland