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Re: Re: Minutes from San Diego


>     Can anyone running a domain Whois server report some load
>     statistics here?
> No problem. For .nl we don't have these nice mrtg graphs but do have
> some figures. It is about 75000 a day, so doing the math, you'll
> get less then 1 Hz average. But given that most lookups are during
> working days, 3 Hz might do as well. I don;t have enough datapoints
> on the moment.

For .de I can report an average of 150 queries/min, with usual peaks of
400, and unusual peaks of 1000 (some people out there starting their
domainname scanning tools). There is not any remarkable difference in load
between working days or weekend.

> We don't like datamining on our whois server. It could get us in
> conflict with the dutch privacy regulations. It is actually something
> that RIPE should probably think about as well.


Marcos Sanz (.de registry)