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Re: Minutes from San Diego

On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, Shane Kerr wrote:

shane> the RIPE statistics page:
shane> http://www.ripe.net/ripencc/pub-services/db/mrtg/noofqueries/noofqueries.html
shane> You can see we get between 400 and 500 queries per minute, around 7 or 8
shane> queries/second (or as I like to say, 7 or 8 Hz).
shane> >From the ARIN VI engineering status report they report over 13
shane> queries/sec in September 2000.

APNIC is currently (so far this year) averaging slightly over 2/sec for
overall queries, higher during busy periods.  

At the standard rate of growth, this will probably be exceeding the
current box/code combination by August (by which time we should be running
new code).

shane> I know a lot of queries from both ARIN and RIPE are people doing data
shane> mining, and I suspect that this is true for all other Whois registries
shane> as well.  We may want to split any work on new and improved data
shane> distribution techniques into looking at ways for both single and
shane> aggregate lookups.

The APNIC whois server has code to automatically deny access to people
based on the standard 'leaky bucket' method (exceed certain number of
queries per hour, no access until the attempted query rate dies down), but
this is currently not active.  

shane> And to think, we're just about to roll out a new Whois server!  :)


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