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Re: Merging RRP and Whois

> Now, having lambasted the idea of lumping whois into provreg, I've a goofy
> idea.  Can PROVREG recommend a scalable solution to the consideration of
> NIC-HANDLES? To my knowledge, this has never been addressed properly, at 
> least since the days when the IR was split. When we did the RA project, the
> thought was to tag the NIC-HANDLE with the registrars "stamp", e.g.
> 	WM110-NSI
> 	WM110-RIPE
> 	WM110-ARIN
> but this leads, as friend Bush commented at the RIPE-37 mtg, to inconsistancies
> between registration agents. IN a nutshell, do we need globally unique IDs 
> to the registering agents?  If so, who administers that ID space?

Why would we want global NIC handles?  Transfers?  Data-consistency?  Making 
life easier for the registrant?

None of these seem sufficiently important to merit the kind of effort
(either bureacratic -- if its one big NIC Handle registry; or technical --
if the registries used a shared/synced NIC Handle DB).  Especially because
registries may not want to share their NIC handles for various privacy or

That having been said, what I like about an idea like this is it would
make it simpler to determine who is authoritative owner of a domain - an
issue I think we should really consider since it seems to be done mostly
by "out-of-band" methods (email's sent by the registry -- at least
Verisign -- to determine the domain owner) -- which I agree should 
be eliminated.  Still I think a focus on digitally certifying a domain is
the right way to go, rather than centralizing user information.