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Re: IETF-51 WhoisFix BoF Announcement

    I wonder, would it make sense to consider putting together a survey of
    Whois (and similar) servers and clients, to get a feel for what Whois
    really means these days?  It would be nice to know how it is actually
    used, so we don't spend too much time scratching our heads.
    If people consider this a good idea, I can go ahead and present a brief
    summary of what I think should be in such a document.

The DNSO is already running such a survey. See
http://www.icann.org/dnso/whois-survey-en-10jun01.htm for details.
    This seems totally on-topic to me!  At least, for the Whois BOF.  Should
    we take the ProvReg WG off of the recipient list?
Probably, allthough I didn't yet.