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DNSO Announcement about WHOIS survey

Just in case anybody missed it, here is the latest announcement
about the survey.


  Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 20:20:28 +0200 (MET DST)
  From: DNSO Secretariat <DNSO.Secretariat@xxxxxxxx>
  To: announce@xxxxxxxx
  Subject: [announce] Extention to the WHOIS Consultaion period

[ To: council@xxxxxxxx ]
[ To: announce@xxxxxxxx, ga@xxxxxxxx ]
[ To: liaison7c@xxxxxxxx ]

The Names Council WHOIS Committee of the DNSO today agreed to extend
the WHOIS consultation period until the 14th August 2001. The survey
http://www.icann.org/dnso/whois-survey-en-10jun01.htm is available in
English, French, Spanish Russian and Japanese is part of a major
international survey which has already been completed by over 2000

The purpose of the survey is to potentially review the current policy
regarding the availability names and addresses associated with the
registered holders of domain name (internet addresses). The WHOIS
Committee will be reviewing all comments submitted and then drafting a
report reflecting the views of the respondents, identifying where
there is satisfaction with the WHOIS environment and where
improvements to the ICANN WHOIS policy could be considered.

All internet users are invited to participate in the survey.
A preliminary report will be given to the Names Council meeting during
the ICANN Montevideo, Uruguay meeting, scheduled between the 7-10th
September 2001.

DNSO Secretariat