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RE: IETF-51 WhoisFix BoF Announcement

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>From: Jordyn A. Buchanan [mailto:jordyn@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
>Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2001 2:31 PM
>To: Hollenbeck, Scott; 'Eric Brunner-Williams in Portland Maine'; Ross
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>Subject: RE: IETF-51 WhoisFix BoF Announcement
>Without attempting to speak too much for someone else, I think that 
>this is Eric's whole point.  He's presented a fairly narrow list of 
>activities for discussion within the BOF.  These all relate to port 
>43 whois, and hopefully fixing it in a way that is backwards 
>compatible with the existing query model.  I'm actually just assuming 
>that backwards compatibility is one of Eric's goals, but I don't see 
>anything in the announcement which seems to contradict it.
>If other people want to create a new protocol that does something 
>else, they can do that.  As we discovered at IETF 49, trying to have 
>both of those discussions in the same room isn't so productive.

Agreed.  I didn't suggest that we should try to have both discussions in the
same room, and Randy makes a valid point in noting that we can talk about
this forever.  I also agree that we should try to define a narrow scope and
move forward.

I want to be sure that we agree that this particular scope is the one to
move forward with.  If not, as long as the folks who have non-port 43
interests don't get shut out of doing a "Whois: The Next Generation" effort
in the future we should be able to do something productive next week.