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RE: IETF-51 WhoisFix BoF Announcement

At 2:04 PM -0700 8/1/01, Randy Bush wrote:
conjecture: the dominant *legitimate* use of whois today has not been

nerd logic:
  o spam scrapers are not counted, as they are not legitimate in my book
  o other uses of domain and addres whois lookup are not automated
  o the one big automated use is router config builds using the routing

In the Whois BoF at IETF 49, three major uses of Whois were identified:

    o Registries, registrars, etc. for domain names
    o RIRs for IP allocations, ASNs, etc.
    o RRs for routing policy data

(Other people can probably categorize these more eloquently, but hopefully the idea is clear.) There are certainly other applications, but this list feels right in terms of common uses on the public Internet.

It seems reasonable that the WhoisFix effort should attempt to address all three of these uses, so certainly we should be thinking about the RRs.

I'll venture another legitimate use, but won't speculate about its dominance relative to router config builds: transfers of domain names between ICANN-accredited registrars.