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Re: IETF-51 WhoisFix BoF Announcement

Jaap and all,

  Right.  ANd this survey has been extended until Augest 11th

Jaap Akkerhuis wrote:

>     I wonder, would it make sense to consider putting together a survey of
>     Whois (and similar) servers and clients, to get a feel for what Whois
>     really means these days?  It would be nice to know how it is actually
>     used, so we don't spend too much time scratching our heads.
>     If people consider this a good idea, I can go ahead and present a brief
>     summary of what I think should be in such a document.
> The DNSO is already running such a survey. See
> http://www.icann.org/dnso/whois-survey-en-10jun01.htm for details.
>     This seems totally on-topic to me!  At least, for the Whois BOF.  Should
>     we take the ProvReg WG off of the recipient list?
> Probably, allthough I didn't yet.
>         jaap

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