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Re: Request to Move RFC 954 to Historic Status

    I've cc'd the Provreg WG list due to the overlap of interest (many are also
    registrars and/or registry operators), and the W3C's P3P Spec WG list, also
    due to the overlap of interest.

I first didn't want to react to you proposal, but since you are
spreading this around over various maillists and have my name in there, a
short reaction.

Note that whois is not on the agenda of provreg.
    If anyone can provide feedback from RIPE-43 and or CENTR (Jaap?),
    or ICDPPC-24 (Rigo?) this month, and ARIN-X (Ed?) next month,
    that would be a good thing.
If you want to have feed back from the RIPE about this, you should
get it on the agenda of the appropriate workgroups. You might even
do it by proxy, you have your ideas presented by some (nuetral)

For CENTR oppinions,  suggest to contact the CENTR office. I'm not part
of that, only my organisation (SIDN) is member of CENTR.