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Re: Request to Move RFC 954 to Historic Status

Hi. This is my first mail to this list. My name is Hugo Salgado, and i work on NIC Chile, the .CL cctld administrator. Since few weeks ago we've been receiving complaints for the mail-blocking list that www.rfc-ignorant.com mantains. That list is blocking entire ccTLDs that are not respecting the RFC 954 on their whois service. As you were discussing before, that RFC lacks of things like privacy policies, anti-data-mining for spammers, etc. In .CL we don't publish the email addresses for our registrants, and that is the cause that rfc-ignorant is blocking the entire .cl email addresses.

Is there an RFC that overrides the very old 954 ?? i know that
.PL is listed in the blocked countries, for the same privacy
policies in whois.dns.pl, but that was dicussed before in this
list ??

Thanks, and sorry for my spanglish ;)

Hugo Salgado H. <hsalgado@xxxxxx>
R&D NIC Chile - http://www.nic.cl
Agustinas 1357, piso 4, Cod. Postal 6500587  Santiago Chile
Phone: (562) 940 7700   Fax: (562) 940 7701