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Re: Request to Move RFC 954 to Historic Status

On Wednesday, April 23, 2003, at 01:34 PM, Hugo Salgado H. wrote:
Thanks. I've been following the CRISP discussions, but in the meaning
our whois server must maintain the privacy policies defined by the
"chilean internet comunity"... in despite of some black-lists.

Without attempting to drag out this discussion *too* long, I would say that it's entirely possible for jurisdictions to legislate various stupid things, and it isn't necessarily the role of the net "at large" to be accepting of silly policies just because some countries have them as legislated mandates.

For hyperbole's sake, $random_country could legislate tomorrow that "all mail servers must accept and deliver mail for all users" (open relays). Just because admins in $random_country are hamstrung by that silly rule doesn't mean that users in (! $random_country) have to accept messages from said servers.

What I'm getting at, longwindedly, is that it's important that policy documents represent "best practices" and not have said policies be weakened because particular jurisdictions don't like them, or whatever.