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Re: Regarding whois query in xml format


> Is there any way to get the response in proper xml
> format. So that I can easily parse it. I got one mail
> in a message archive, in that it was stated that if we
> sand whois query in XML format then will get the
> response in XML format only. Other wise simple text
> response will be returned.
> Does any body know that how we can query the whois
> srevr in xml format? And is it depends on servers xml
> compatibility??

As others on the list have indicated, the Whois servers will not 
return a standard XML format. However, since you asked, I will point 
out that my company provides commercial Whois software and proxy 
services that do return Whois information in XML format.

Here are a couple demo links:

More information here:

We have a paid service (not mentioned on the site yet) that works 
almost exactly like the demo. You can query our server for IP 
addresses or domain names and get XML results. The terms of use 
forbid using the service to build mailing lists. Feel free to contact 
me off-list if you want to know more.

For those who are curious, the demo (and all our online utilities) 
have fairly strict usage limits in place. Our customers are mostly 
Internet security firms, anti-spam companies, and government agencies 
looking to automate their investigation and analysis processes.

Gavin Williams, technical director                
Hexillion Technologies
gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx              http://www.hexillion.com/