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Re: Modest Proposal

Tim Bray wrote:
> At 11:04 AM 5/12/99 -0500, Chris Lilley wrote:
> >We expect the MIME type for the SVG image format (which is, indeed,
> >written in xml) to be image/xml.

Duh. Sorry to everyone for being confusing.

I meant to type "image/svg" but obviously was thinking of too many
things at once.

> >This is because it is an image format, and we need to do content
> >negotiation. For stand-alone files, the fact that it happens to be
> >written in xml is less important than the fact that it is an image.
> I would have thought that the fact that it's in SVG is also more
> important for dispatching purposes than the fact that SVG happens
> to use XML syntax. 

;-) yes.

> I'm dubious about the modest proposal, but both image/svg or image/svg-xml
> seem much more useful than image/xml.  -Tim

Yes, I agree. And I don't see the value of image/svg-xml, since there is
not likely to be a different, non-xml, svg.