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Re: Media types, fragment identifiers, and XPointer

MURATA Makoto wrote:

> Q1.  Do we need XPointers for every XML instance?

They should be available, even if that capability is not used by a
particular instance. Other instances may point to that instance, and
will use XPointer to do so.

A particular xml document type might not use XPointer itself,
internally, but other people linking to parts of that document might
well expect XPointers which *they* make to that document type, to work.

> I personally think that this is too much.  For example, I do not think we have
> use XPointers for RDF, which is in the XML syntax.

It is arguable that a later, refined syntax for RDF should use XPointer,
for compatibility with other XML applications.

> Q2.  Do we need XPointers only for human-readable documents that are rendered
>      by some browsers?
> I am not sure if the answer is Yes.  How do XLL experts in this ML feel?

SVG (which is human viewable, though non-viewing applicationsa re also
possible) uses XPointer and XLink for such things as referencing
graphical symbols, which are to be re-used, or for pointing to runs of
text which are to be presented graphically (for example, as text on a
curved path).