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Re: Media typs and XPointer, XLink, XPath, and XSLT

I'm not sure what you mean by "import other things".  XLink has no mechanism for
specifying the import of other things.  It specifies relationships between
things, but not the semantics of importing.  As an aside, I think there does
need to be a different mechanism for importing things other than external
entities, but that's a different discussion.

There is no information model for how to represent imported things or
transformed things, beit XML or non-XML.

The DOM has no APIs that distinguish between pre or post transform XML
documents, nor pre or post "importing"/including documents.   Even the DOM Level
1 API treats notations as read-only elements, and these only specify an external
thing.  DOM level 2 has a simple text line stating "Creating EntityReference
nodes" will be part of level 2.

Please elaborate on what you mean by importing and what you expect of infoset,
transformations and APIs.

Dave Orchard

"Shane P. McCarron" <s.mccarron@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> on 07/13/99 06:41:35 AM

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Subject:  Re: Media typs and XPointer, XLink, XPath, and XSLT

John Cowan wrote:
> Rick Jelliffe wrote:
> > I am confused about a related question: I have heard somewhere that
> > the XPointer group was going to make XPointers only valid for pointing
> > into XML documents.  So, for example, it would not be legitimate for
> > an XPointer to point into a WebCGM document or other structured data.  Is
this true?
> Since XPointers refer explicitly to element trees with attributes,
> an XPointer into CGM (which is a binary format) wouldn't make
> much sense.  The real issue is whether XPointers can point into
> things like SMIL documents, which "just happen" to be encoded
> in XML.

Certainly from the XHTML perspective, the ability to refer to other XML
grammars via XPointer/XLink is critical.  Imaging an XHTML document that
uses some new element defined against XLink to import SVG graphics into
a page or a SYMM presentation. These are XML grammars, and they should

However, it might also be useful to import other things - like plain
text.  XPointer/XLink needs to work for this as well.  I don't see how
we can limit the scope of the target.  You might need to treat the
imported item as a BLOB (Binary Large Object), but it should still be
imported.  At least, that's my opinion.
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