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RE: Introduction of media types for XML DTDs

Ned Freed re Larry:
| > I think there is no justification for "text/xml-dtd" in addition
| > to "application/xml-dtd", because there is no utility at all
| > for an unaware recipient to attempt to display a dtd to a
| > user as if it were text, which is the reason for having a
| > "text/" top level type in addition to "application/".
| I agree. And I'm sorry, but the argument that "people expect DTDs to be
| displayed as text" just doesn't wash -- technical experts (who are capable
| of configuring their agents to do anything they want) may expect this, but
| the average user doesn't know diddly about XML or DTD and doesn't want a 
| bunch of incomprehensible stuff displayed on his or her screen.

Correct.  But in some contexts, the entity serving the resource wants
it to be displayed as text.  So I can see a case for having both
text and application, as I believe we do for SGML, of which XML is
only a profile.

regards, Terry Allen (who reads DTDs)
Chairman OASIS Regrep TC (which envisions serving DTDs to be read
	as well as to be parsed)