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Re: Introduction of media types for XML DTDs

John Cowan re Ned Freed: 
| > I agree. And I'm sorry, but the argument that "people expect DTDs to be
| > displayed as text" just doesn't wash -- technical experts (who are capable
| > of configuring their agents to do anything they want)'
| On the contrary; it is a weakness of current browsers that there
| is no way to tell them "Display such-and-such a media type as
| text/plain in the main window."
| > the average user doesn't know diddly about XML or DTD and doesn't want a
| > bunch of incomprehensible stuff displayed on his or her screen.
| The average user probably will never fetch a document of type
| */xml-dtd.

I hope that's false.  I hope the average user's user agent will be
fetching DTDs all the time, for use with documents marked up in
accordance with them.  And I hope their browsers don't display
the DTDs to them.

For the case when it is desired to display the DTD, Ned stated that 
text/xml was the wrong way to go, and suggested that something else,
such as content-disposition, could be used to cue the user agent to
display as text.  Does any such method work today?

regards, Terry

Terry Allen                             
Advanced Technology Group               
Commerce One, Inc.
Walnut Creek, Calif.