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Re: Proposed Suffix for XML-based media types

> I very much like Dan Connolly's suggestion of a time back:
>         Regard a media type as relative URL rooted at some agreed
>         place, probably iana.org so that the media type text/xml then
>         represents the URL
>                 http://iana.org/text/xml
> (or similar).
> Now when we need an extra layer of fallback, it is obvious how to do
> it:
>         text/xml/xhtml

sorry, it's not going to happen.  the MIME content-type syntax is 
well-established; changing it would break a huge amount of deployed software.
furthermore a two-level type system was an explicit design decision
of the 822ext working group.  this decision was made for good and valid 
reasons, and nothing which has happened since has demonstrated that 
such a decision was shortsighted.  in particular:

nobody has demonstrated a need for an extra level of type classification. 
nobody has demonstrated a need for an extra level of fallback behavior.  
if anything, experience with the existing two-level type system 
indicates that fallback behaviors are of dubious value.