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Re: Soundbite: Proposed Suffix for XML-based media types

At 06:54 AM 7/20/99 -0400, Keith Moore wrote:
>I think it's a silly idea.  There's very little value in generic processing
>of XML; there's even less value in having an extra level of delegation.

How can this assertion be anything but vacuous?  XML is a new thing in the 
world and we're just learning how to deal with it.  At this moment, basically
*all* the tools available to deal with XML resources are totally generic.  I 
do *not* extrapolate from this to assert that generic-XML processing is the 
right way to go in general; that would be silly.  It is equally silly to 
assert that generic processing has no value.  Since we manifestly, obviously, 
inarguably, JUST DON'T KNOW right now, it seems to me that whatever we do with 
media-types, we should be very very careful to avoid closing off 
maybe-interesting paths.  -Tim