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Re: Introduction of media types for XML DTDs

Thank you very much, Ned. I have come to believe that we only need 

Terry Allen wrote:
> For the case when it is desired to display the DTD, Ned stated that 
> text/xml was the wrong way to go, and suggested that something else,
> such as content-disposition, could be used to cue the user agent to
> display as text.  Does any such method work today?

Yes, you can tell browsers to invoke Notepad.

John Cowan wrote:
> On the contrary; it is a weakness of current browsers that there
> is no way to tell them "Display such-and-such a media type as
> text/plain in the main window."

At best, this is a criticizm on current browsers.  Moreover, even 
current browsers make me happy, since I can tell them "Display 
such-and-such a media type as with my faviroite text viewer 
(which is not IE 5.0)"

Miles Sabin wrote:
>  Most users won't ever do that,
> but that seems fairly slender grounds for throwing away
> at MIME level the knowledge that DTD text is text. 

Browsers only have to invoke text editors when they encounter application/xml-dtd.

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