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Re: Introduction of media types for XML DTDs

> Ned Freed wrote:

> > [E]xperts don't want to send DTDs and similar
> > things to a dumb text viewer anyhow. They want their favorite programmable
> > editor, most likely one that is format-savvy for such things. This is certainly
> > how I have all the browsers I use configured.

> I guess I don't count as an expert, then.  My editor is 'ex';
> has been for many years, hopefully will be for many years to come.
> But why would I want to edit something I'm displaying through a
> browser?

Who said anything about editing? Editor != editing.

The point (which I thought was obvious) is that browser text displays are
fairly incompentent when it comes to displaying structured material. It just
isn't what they are designed for. An editor, especially one designed for
programming, typically does much better. Although I'll concede that in the case
of ex, that may not be the case...