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Re: Introduction of media types for XML DTDs

Chris Lilley wrote:
| I would argue against text/xml-dtd only on the grounds of the general
| charset tangles with text/*, not on the basis of readability or
| otherwise. If I send a DTD to someone in email, its probably because I
| expect them to read it. If XML software fetches a DTD, its likely for
| machine processing and probably no-one reads it.

Except that browsers will be "XML software".  I'm convinced by Ned's
arguments against multiple types, but the solution to the problem
of display remains to be found.  In default of anything better, I
figure that if I intend the DTD for display, I'll just serve it
as text/plain.

Note that the issue will get worse with XML schemas, which are
instances and can be displayed as documents *after XML processing*.

regards, Terry

Terry Allen                             
Advanced Technology Group               
Commerce One, Inc.
Walnut Creek, Calif.