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Re: Media types for XSL stylesheets

At 10:47 AM 10/12/99 -0400, John Cowan wrote:
>MURATA Makoto scripsit:
>> I think that such an embedded portion INHERITS the media type of the 
>> document.  Even if a stylesheet linking PI specifies a different media
>> it is merely ignored.
>Not necessarily.  A portion of image/gif is by no means an image/gif.
>Media types exist so that uninterpreted bytes get an interpretation,
>but internal resources have already been interpreted.

I guess I'd like to ask at this point whether XML-based media types are
sufficiently different from other media types that this interpretation is
no longer necessarily _mandatory_.

In large part, the interests I have in XML revolve around the fact that any
well-formed portion of an XML document is itself an XML document, and that
distinction between 'internal' and 'external' resources no longer matters
nearly as strongly.

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