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Announcement of draft-murata-xml-01.txt

Simon St. Laurent and I co-authored an I-D for XML media types.  It 
is available at:


On the basis of discussion in this ML (most notably Ned's comments),
this version shows when text/xml is more appropriate than application/xml 
and vice versa.  Non-XPointer fragment identifiers for XML vocabularies 
like SVG and SMIL requires further discussion.

Incidentally, the XSLT recommendation is published from W3C today.  It is 
available at:


Although we have agreed that fragments do not have media types, "2.7 Embedding 
Stylesheets" of this recommendation uses "text/xml" for fragments.  Since another 
recommendation of W3C, namely "Associating stylesheets with XML documents", 
already mandates the pseudo attribute "type" for stylesheet-linking PIs, 
XSLT had to specify something.  Comments?


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