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Re: Inconsistency between IETF and W3C: XML fragments and media types

James Clark wrote:
> I'm not convinced there is an inconsistency here.  The style element in
> HTML has a required type attribute. Does that imply elements have MIME
> types? I don't think so. It's just (ab)using MIME types as identifiers
> for stylesheet languages.  

I personally think that this is an abuse and should be stopped.

> An alternative view is that the type
> pseudo-attribute on the PI is giving the MIME type of the complete
> resource, as an optimization to allow the resource not to be fetched if
> the MIME type cannot be handled.  On either view I don't see an
> inconsistency.

This is one interpretation of the type (pseudo) attribute.  We need 
some clarification.  I would like to hear opinions of the editors of HTML.


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